Imaginative Icing

Four cakes here to view, the "Church Cake" is center top,"Bride & Groom Bears" center foreground"So in Love" on the left and tiered Grand Piano's on the right, two of our Favours help to set the scene

The Church Cake

A very large cake which definately needs a table of its own !


The porch, archway, spire, church windows and bells are all edible. The silk flowers are available in colours of your choice. The main cake colour is usually pale ivory or white.

Top Tier

1 x 6"

square cake

4th Tier

1 x 8"

square cake

3rd Tier

1 x 12"

round cake

2nd Tier

1 x 14"

square cake

Bottom Tier

4 x 8"

round cakes

The overall height is approximately 32",

and the overall width is approximately 30".


This cake needs to be assembled with care at the reception and for best effect should be delivered and set up by ourselves.


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