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Icing Streamers and Bows

I am doing a wedding cake that is adorned with rolled fondant bows with streamers. Can you help?

Thanks Kim

Dear Kim

Thank you for your e-mail

For edible ribbon insertion - use JEM strip cutters, cut into short lengths and leave to dry over a dowel. (Make sure you use FLOWER PASTE). These can be pushed in to a freshly covered sugarpaste cake. For big bows cut strips out of mexican paste (1/2 sugarpaste, 1/2 flowerpaste) and support loops with pieces of sponge until it dry's.

For icing streamers we have an FMM Multi Ribbon Cutter - this looks a little bit like a double ended pastry cutter. Using mexican paste ( as described above) roll the paste out to the required thickness and using the ribbon cutter set at the width of ribbon required and using either the fluted edge cutters or the plain edge cutters carefully roll the cutter along the paste. You can then arrange the streamer on the cake with some pieces of foam or tissue to support it while it dries. Carefully remove the supporting tissue or foam when the paste has dried. It may be worth a little practise run first to see how best to arrange the streamers etc...

The FMM Multi Ribbon Cutter costs £8.75.

JEM Strip Cutters cost £3.99 and are available in varying widths

JEM Bow cutters cost £2.84 and are available in varying sizes - please state the size of finished bow you would like and we will send the cutter that will create the nearest size.

Postage and packing would be £2.99 within mainland UK, other destinations at cost.

Hope we were able to help.

Yours sincerely



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