"I would like my cake to be iced in gold icing rather than white - do you have any suggestions to what colour food colouring I can put in it?"

Hi Michele

Thanks for your enquiry.

I can suggest the following;

1) Sugarflair 'Autumn Leaf' paste food colour (£1.62) could be used to colour the sugarpaste or royal icing. This would give an old gold non metallic finish.

2) Sugarflair 'Gold Sparkle' or 'Radiant Gold' Edible Lustre Dusts(£1.50) or Squires Kitchen 'Brilliant Gold' or 'Antique Gold' Edible Lustre Powder Colours (£2.85) could be dusted on to the icing after you had covered the cakes. This would then give the icing a lustre.

3) We are expecting delivery shortly of a new Edible Gold Liquid Food Colour from Sugarflair which can be painted on to the icing.

If you sent us a sample of the colour of the gold material we could advise which of the above would give the best effect. Alternatively you could call into our shop in York or Scarborough.

Yours sincerely


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