Adding a local website

How do I add my website to the map?

If you know of, or have a website which is in anyway connected to the area then fill in the form below.
It will be added once I have taken a look and found it suitable for inclusion.
Please remember to add a
reciprocal link to the map on your own webpages.

How do I add a link to the map from my webpages?

To add the map to your web page simply copy the following code:-

<P><!-- BEGIN interactive SCARBOROUGH MAP LINK CODE --></P>

<P><FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#630007"><A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Interactive Map of Scarborough</A></FONT></P>

<P><!-- END interactive SCARBOROUGH MAP LINK CODE --></P>

You can also grab the graphic below and make it into a link button....


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