How do I sugar-coat pansies for Cake Decorating?

Dear Brenda

The answer to your query is as follows:

Lightly whisk some egg white and use a medium sized paint brush to completely cover the clower petals and calys. Sprinkle the flower with castor sugar. The sugar can be coloured to match the flower if you wish, by mixing in a little petal dusting powder.

Shake off any excess sugar and dry the flowers completely. Small ones can be left to dry on absorbent paper (ie kitchen roll). Larger flowers, such as roses, wrap a piece of wire around the stem, and dry hanging upside down from a glass or other suitable item to avoid squashing the petals.

This information was taken from the book Art Of Sugarcraft Series - Sugar Flowers by Nicholas Lodge - ISBN 0-948075-11-2. Unfortunately this book is currently out of print, but you might find it in a second hand book shop or remainder book shop or it may be something your local library might be able to get for you to borrow.

Good Luck !

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