Can you please advise me if you stock any edible colouring products that can be "painted" directly onto icing ?

Hello Graeme,

In reply to your email about painting on cakes......

We stock many items that are suitable for this purpose ie powders, liquids and pastes all of which come in a variety of colours.

LIQUIDS maybe too wet for some icings if using these only paint onto a well dried sugarpaste.

POWDERS require the addition of either a little water or alcohol (vodka, gin etc)

PASTE COLOURS are our recommended medium for painting onto sugarpaste/icing....To use add a little water or alcohol to get the viscosity you require.

All the above colours can be made more opaque or whiter by the addition of a white powder called 'whitener'

Note....before painting onto the real thing have a play with the edible colours so you know how they mix etc...Tracing the image onto the icing or projecting the image onto the surface will make painting a good picture easier.

Paste colours come in most colours of the spectrum and cost £1.62 each

Powder colours also come in most colours of the spectrum and some that aren't such as sparkle colours and silver and gold lusters. cost from £1.40 each

Hope this info is of some help....if we can be of further assistance don't hesitate to ask...



Click here for an example of painting on icing.

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