Imaginative Icing

The second in a series of

"Chloe shows us how to make" is....

Chloe shows us how to make Christmas cup cakes

You will need

Margarine or Butter


Caster sugar



2 large ones

Self raising flour


Some suitable bun cases, This mixture will make approx 12-15 cup cakes.
Click here for cup cake cases


A small amount of Royal Icing or Butter cream, Sugarpaste, Small cutters and Sprinkles decorate the finished items with.
click here for sprinkles etc..


Place your bun cases in an appropriate cup cake tin....and share out the mixture between them using a spoon.

Now place the tin at the top of a pre-heated oven, 400-425F/gas mark 5-6, for 10-12 minutes.

When baked leave to cool before decorating.

Mix up some Royal Icing or Butter cream, which-ever you prefer, and colour using edible food colourings of your own choice.
click here for food colourings

Cut out some shapes out of some coloured sugarpaste,
click here for sugarpaste

Pipe or spread the icing onto the cakes....Sprinkles at the can now start to play...

And when you've had all the fun of decorating them......

You can always test one or two.....just to see that they are upto you're usual standard of course...yummy!!!!!!!

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