Imaginative Icing

The fourth in a series of

"Chloe shows us how to make" is....

Chloe shows us how to make daddy and his car in cake

You will need

  • One Swiss roll (rolled jam sponge cake).
  • Five liqourice wheels.
  • Sugar-paste in various colours including pink or peach for face and hands. click here
  • Food colour pens. click here
  • Letter cutter D, A and Y. click here
  • Icing sugar and shaker.
  • Masking jelly or seedless jam of choice.
  • A rolling pin. click here
  • A small knife.
  • Clean dish cloth.
  • An apron.
  • A cake board. click here

Using the small knife cut the cake as shown above. Clear away any crumbs and clean the work surface.

Cover the cake in a thin layer of masking jelly/seedless jam.

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