Imaginative Icing

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"Chloe shows us how to make" is....

Chloe shows us how to make daddy and his car in cake

Roll a lump of paste into a fat sausage and place it into the middle of the cake. Roll out two narrower sausages for his arms.

Using the pink or peach coloured sugarpaste make a large ball and two smaller balls. Place the larger ball on top of the fat sausage, use a piece of dried spagetti if it tends to roll off, this is his head.

Gently squash the two smaller balls of paste, these are his hands. Place a liquorice wheel infront of the arms( if it is too big unwind a couple of layers of liquorice) add the hands.

For his ears and nose make three very small balls of pink/peach icing and stick them onto the head with a little water.

Add four more liquorice wheels to the cake, two on either side.

Roll out a small amount of paste in a colour that matches "Daddy's" hair colour. Cut out a circle large enough to cover the top of the head. Use the back of the knife to give the hair some styling.

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