Imaginative Icing

The sixth in a series of

"Chloe shows us how to make" is....

Chloe shows us how to make a chocolate Easter egg

You will need........

  • A Packet of Chocolate drops click here
  • A Chocolate Egg Mould click here
  • A Packet of pre-made piped chicks click here
  • A Packet of pre-made piped white flowers click here
  • A little Royal Icing for piping click here
  • Some grease-proof paper for making piping can get pre-made grease-proof bags from our shops if you prefer.:) click here
  • A bain marie or two different sized bowls
  • A bit of cotton wool
  • A large brush
  • Green food colouring click here
  • A small wicker work basket
  • A number 1 or 2 icing tube click here

Let's get started......

Melt the Chocolate first by placing into a bain marie or into a small bowl which you place inside a larger bowl which has some hot water in careful not to get any water into chocolate as this will make the chocolate go wrong and not set properly

Whilst the chocolate is melting clean out the Chocolate Egg mould using a small amount of cotton wool

When the chocolate is melted and has no lumbs pick up the large brush and start painting the inside of the Chocolate Egg moulds. Now you have coated the whole of the inside of the mould with chocolate place it into the fridge for five minutes.....repeat as many times as you like......when satisfied you have enough chocolate in the mould leave in the fridge for up-to 10 minutes

Now you can remove the egg from the the mould upside down onto the table and give a gentle tap on the top.....lift the mould and the egg should stay on the table..:)

Mix up some green royal icing and place into an icing bag with a leaf tube, fill another icing bag with some white Royal icing and a number 1 or 2 tube. Get everything else you are going to decorate the egg with to hand.

To stick the pre-made chicks and flowers onto the egg pipe a small amount of icing onto their backs

Now pipe a message using the icing bag with the white icing and the number 1 or 2 tube.....

Chloe has written "To Daddy XXX"
Now all you need to do is give it to someone who you think deserves a Chocolate Egg this Easter.......

Be warned though, you may receive a loving kiss!!

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