"Can you paint on cakes?"

Here are some photo instructions which may help guide you through the process of painting onto sure the icing is dry before you start.

Find a picture of the subject you are wanting to paint.....enlarge it if need be and either photocopy onto tracing paper or place into a projection device.

Copy the image onto the cake either by tracing with a graphite pencil or by following the projected image with a fine paint brush with a suitablely dark food colour.

Before you start the colouring in of the detail select the colours you are going to be using and bring them to hand. A container for water is also required.

Now carefully paint the food colours onto the icing....The colours are different to the usual artists paints so do have a play with them to start with on a white tile, or similar surface, adding and taking away colour & water. The use of whitener will effect the colours again bringing several properties to the colourings the main ones being opacity and thickening.

When painting a large scene such as the one illustrated, it is wise to paint onto a separate piece of icing preferably on a thin cake board. This will allow you to start the painting before you bake the cake.....also you are better able to correct any mistakes without damageing the surface of the cake. obviously smaller or less complicated paintings would be best painted directly onto the cake.

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