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How to pipe a Traditional Royal Iced Wedding cake.

You will require Becknal or P.M.E. Tube numbers 44, 1, 2 and 3.

Plus plenty of grease-proof paper bags.....

Plus some freshly made Royal Icing.......


and a ready iced cake as above (at least three coates).

Start at the base of the cake and pipe shells using the number 44 tube

Overpipe the shells using the number 2 tube.

Mark the centre of each side before pipeing your scrolls....this helps keep the design symmetrical.

Pipe your scrolls using the number 44 tube.

Now using the number 3 tube over-pipe the scrolls..

And again using the number 2 tube.......

And again using the number 1 tube.

Now for some template pipeing...Cut out the required shape from a square of grease-proof paper and lay it centrally onto the top of the cake. place a frill cutter or some other handy object on the template to stop it from moveing out of place. Score a line arround the template in the icing using a metal scriber or a pin ....

Remove the template.....Now useing the number 3 tube follow the score mark...


Pipe another line on the inside of the last using a number 2 tube...

On the inside of this line pipe a scolloped line useing a number 1 tube...

On top of the outside number 3 line pipe a number 2 tube line..

and again with a number 1 tube.

Afix a ribbon of your choice around the middle of the cake using a blob of icing at the join to the back of the cake. The cake top can be a simple bride and groom as seen here or perhaps a floral arrangement in a vase or a clear pillar.

A page on pillars and how to stack the cakes will be posted shortly ............if you have any questions email Jane and she will be more than willing to answer them.

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