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Royal Icing

How to pipe using Royal Icing.

Beginners Piping 3


Equipment list....

  • Some grease-proof icing bags
  • A number 44 icing tube
  • A number 3 icing tube
  • A number 2 icing tube
  • A number 1 icing tube
  • Cling film
  • A palette knife
  • A bowl of Royal Icing
  • Some food colouring
  • A cake dummy or suitable surface to pipe onto.

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Before you start.......mix the icing to the colours you require and fill your icing bags...making sure to place the icing tubes in first.

To start with pipe some scrolls using the number 44 tube.

Now using the number 3 tube start at the bottom of the bulb of the scroll and loop the icing to the follow the shape of the scroll to its narrow end.

Changing tubes to the number 2, follow the number 3 piped line...making sure you keep in the center of it and not to one side or the other.

Changing tubes now to the number 1 tube, follow the number 2 line...remember any mistakes will show up more when using a coloured icing........practice makes perfect.

Please feel free to ask me any questions on this subject at the following email address....

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