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When are you getting married?

When will you be wanting the cake ready by ?

Will you be collecting the cake, or wanting it delivered ?

If Collecting the cake, which shop will you be collecting it fromScarborough orYork ?

If you are wanting the cake delivered please give a Delivery Address if different to the one given above. Cost of delivery.....subject to where you live enquire via email, telephone, shop, or letter

Which cake are you ordering ?

Church Cake

Wedding Car

So in Love

Lucky Sweep

Chocolate Wedding Cake

The Piano

The Bath

Four Poster Bed

Tropical Island

Bride & Groom Bears

not shown

Size of Car, Bath, Bed, or Island.

Small Medium Large

Size of tiered cakes, Church, Chocolate, So in love, Piano.

6" 8" 10"12" 14" 16" other

Type of Cake

Fruit ? or Sponge ?

Do you require an Extra Cake ?

Yes No

If yes what size do require ?6" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" other

Main Colour of Cake icing

White Ivory Black Chocolate

Second Colour (for frills, piping, or ribbon)

Any other details, Please give comment in the text box below.....

Cost of cake

Cost of an extra cake

cost ofStand Hire

Cost of delivery


If you need any help with your order

please telephone +44 (0) 1723 378116


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